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Accelerator Resources Sdn. Bhd. (Xcerator) is an E-Commerce Product Distribution Company that helps Product Owners / Manufacturers to market their product & services throughout various Online & Offline Channels.

Incorporating offline data in a marketing campaign can strengthen online marketing ROI through deeper insights into your organization’s customers and their behaviors in the real world.

This makes Online-to-Offline (O2O) marketing an effective way for businesses to reach customers at all Touchpoints to drive Engagement and Sales. Therefore in summary, Xcerator help businesses in Connecting The Dots!

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An Opportunity to Become An Online Entrepreneur

We provide you with an opportunity to Start your Online Business with no worry of Stocks, Storage & Delivery.

We work with various partners to provide you with the best training to groom you to become a Leader in whatever you sell and eventually to market your services to the Corporate Brands & Services. 

You just need to focus on Selling & We Will Do The Rest!

Training & Seminars

We provide various trainings & seminars customized for any individual or corporate needs:

E-Commerce Entrepreneurship

O2O Product Distribution

Global Distribution

Product Branding & Marketing

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